Mindful Pauline

Introduction of the blog: 'Mindful Pauline'


I guess I will just give it a go.

I’m a mother and a wife.

We own a sweet cat and a house in the countryside.

I’m 36, blond and a plus size, never mind numbers. I lived in several countries trough Europe and studied Communication, Media Management, Modern Art, Coaching and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.


I was a sales manager, a restaurant manager, the owner of an art gallery, I own a mindfulness center, I create and sell jewelry, I am a ‘stay at home mum’ and maybe I will become a blogger.


The question is; does any of the above define me?

Does it define anybody?

Think about it for a minute.


I’m looking outside and I’m reminding myself that it really does not define me.

At this moment at this table there is nothing but this moment.

No previous study, travel or husband can change the fact that every breath will keep coming.


We label a lot in our world. 

Everything deserves a name and often it comes with or for a price.

Simple example:

We see a rose at the florist, we buy it and than we will forget about it. Yes it will cheer up the kitchen table and maybe we will look at it four times and think; lovely roses.

We don’t take it in our hands, we don’t smell it intensely and we definitely will not forget its name in order to give our brain the space to enjoy it even more.


It’s not all the honey I drink in my tea that makes me a sweet girl. It’s not our house or my car or even my C.V. that define me.


It’s the way I live my life in this moment.


So in retrospect, here is an introduction of myself.


I’m sitting behind my computer that is standing on a nice and warm wooden table. I love the feel of natural materials. The chair I’m sitting on is very big but still I manage to have one side of my bum not quite on it, which at this moment is strangely comfortable. The view when I look up makes my head feel clear.

My five year old is playing with a balloon in the same room and making a ton of noise doing it. I take a 3-minute pause and breathe. The noise is not bothering me. My husband just came in to put more logs on the fire so the balloon noise has changed into the sound of burning wood. I feel warm and inspired. Inspired to give my husband a hug right now.


I’m not saying all of the exterior factors in your life don’t matter, of course they do. I’m just saying to simply look and feel your life right now instead of thinking about only past or future, as they are both never here.


Here and now awareness Tip:

Drop everything you are doing right now and do a one-minute meditation.

Sit up straight in a chair, 2 feet firmly on the ground and just concentrate for one minute on your breathing.