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MindfulPauline & Ingrid Smith


About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of life that can help to experience the present moment more intensively using meditation and awareness projects.

It's an excellent course to help to prevent Burn-out syndrome.


It is a conscious, concentrated way to deal with your everyday life.

It's a way to accept and appreciate life the way it is.

You learn to let go and step away from your ego.


Through daily exercises and various forms of meditation it can reduce stress and pain.

We offer you tools to get to know yourself, your emotions and the way you respond.


Courses are mostly given in your own office.


1 day course 

This is an adventures day in which we shall have a taste testing of Mindfulness in your company. 

Let's call it a Mindfulness spa day at the office. Mindfulness seminar, meditation and yoga for office environment.

€1750 ex. tax max 25 people


6 week course

In these 6 weeks you learn to live with your head and heart in the here and now.

Mindfulness is openness, awareness and attentiveness.

€600 ex tax pp


Ingrid Smith and MindfulPauline are your Mindful Coaches.

They combine Mindfulness and Yin yoga.


MindfulPauline will be bringing Mindfulness and Yin yoga to you. This form of yoga pairs brilliantly with mindfulness because of it's meditative nature. Body and mind are connected, so if you bring relaxation to the body, you bring relaxation to the mind. 

Ingrid Smith is a Minfulness coach and a holistic masseuse therapist. Her fascination of the connection between body and mind will guide you through awareness of your body and mind, she will help you focus on the present.


An inspired duo that invites you to feel, experience and to be present.


week 1    be here in the present

week 2   consciousness 

week 3   respecting boundries

week 4   your thoughts?

week 5   acceptation

week 6   longings and assumptions, your possibilities


The course can be given in your company. Or at our location in Roermond. For more information email: